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Joe Campolo Jr. is an award-winning author, poet and public speaker. A United States Air Force Vietnam War veteran, Joe belongs to the VFW, The American Legion, and the Kenosha Area Vietnam Vets (KAVV).

Joe started writing at an early age, penning fantasies inspired by Jack O Brien, Mark Twain, and others. He wrote several articles for military newspapers while serving in the Air Force. Later, with a career in industrial engineering and procurement, Joe wrote many articles for corporate newsletters.

At the encouragement of his late mother, Joe started writing books and short stories. His short stories, often humorous, cover many topics and many are on this websites blog. Joe’s first published book The Kansas NCO is a historical novel about a black-market operation during the Vietnam War. The award-winning book was hugely popular and, at the request of his readers, he wrote his second published book Back to the World, the sequel to The Kansas NCO.

Joe lives in Kenosha, Wisconsin with his wife Ann. Joe and Ann have two children and two grandchildren. Joe enjoys traveling, fishing, spending time with his family and writing. Joe is available for speaking engagements where he talks about his work and veterans’ issues. He asks for no fee, only that he be paid for expenses.




The Kansas NCO:



Back to the World is the award-winning sequel to his award-winning debut novel, The Kansas NCO. Having survived the attempts by a South Vietnam-based military black market operation’s to kill them as presented in The Kansas NCO, Andrew Crucianelli, Arnold Redmond, and Doug Montrell return to the United States—“the World”—where they are discharged and hope to quietly blend in and build new lives for themselves. Instead, they are greeted by a hostile, unwelcoming nation that unjustly views them not as victims of the Vietnam War, but its criminal perpetrators.

Bitter about the fate of their dead comrades and the callous and hostile treatment they receive back home, the three decide to take out their frustration and anger on the same group of people who targeted them for death in Vietnam: criminal drug gangs.

The trio embark on a crusade against the criminal empires in Southern California, first the Italian Mafia and then the Mexican Mafia, who is succeeding it as the most powerful criminal cartel in Southern California.

Just like in Vietnam, the men find themselves fighting on two fronts: defending themselves from both the criminals and those entrusted with fighting the criminals. As the men narrowly escape one death trap after another, they discover themselves helped and threatened by a succession of unique allies and unique enemies as well. Back to the World is a fast-paced page burner!



Back to the World is a well-crafted follow-up to The Kansas NCO. Joe Campolo allows the reader to experience he frustrations of returning Vietnam veterans whose country abandoned them. Joe is able to take you from the jungles of Nam to the mean streets of America. God Bless all our veterans.”

  • George Dooley, U.S. Air Force, Vietnam War veteran


“Once in a great while a reader will come across a book that is so engaging and captivating it is very difficult to put down. Back to the World by Joe Campolo Jr. is such a book. The author is a superb storyteller; the book is a fast-paced suspense thriller. Great job, Mr. Campolo!

  • John Podlaski, Vietnam War veteran and
    author of Cherries: A Vietnam War Novel


“In Back to the World, Cru and his buddies have survived their life-threatening experiences in Vietnam, but their return to the “World” has not gone as smoothly as expected. In a fast-paced sequel to The Kansas NCO, we get to see how Andrew Crucianelli and his crew deal with a country that has little regard for their post-war future.”

  • Dick Evenson, writer, retired marketing executive,
    and U.S. Army artillery veteran


“Joe Campolo has hit another home run with Back to the World! This fast-paced thriller keeps you on the edge of your seat as it follows the tail of two vigilantes challenging the Mob.”

  • Bob Doer, award-winning author of the Jim West mysteries


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