Joyce Faulkner

Joyce Faulkner
Joyce Faulkner
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My new book, Vala’s Bed is finally available and we are doing a launch at the Carnegie Library and Music Hall in Carnegie on Thursday, April 20 from 7-9 pm. Here is a link to the location:
David Harry Tannenbaum, Frank Tatone (Professor of English at Robert Morris University), and I will talk about the book and the stories behind it.
Here are some of the blurbs:
EJ Logan is only six when he arrives in a small  Ohio town with his mother and  brother  as refugees  from  war-torn  Nazi  Germany.  They  bring  with  them keepsakes and secrets and scars from their  past. But while little  Mick is too young to remember  being  anything  but  an  American,  EJ and  his mother are  both  haunted  by  fragments  of  memory,  looming  shadows,  flames,  and frightening  dreams.  As EJ grows up, he gradually  learns the truth about his family and about himself, and the reader gains understanding at the same gradual,  ominous  pace.  Perhaps not  since  The  Diary of  Anne  Frank  has  a story told by a child cast such an unforgiving light on the Holocaust.
 ~ Carolyn P. Schriber, award-winning author and historian
In  Vala’s Bed, Joyce Faulkner confronts one of the most shameful chapters in the history of mankind.  As  diverse groups  of people move on from the tragedy, the lines between perpetrator, accomplice,  bystander, and victim become  blurred, and  it  appears  that  no  one  is  left  unscathed.  Vala’s Bed  is a powerful tale of man’s ability to endure…and survive.
~ Joe Campolo Jr, award winning author of  The Kansas NCO  and  Back To The World
Vala’s Bed  by award-winning novelist Joyce Faulkner is an exceptional story that  will  keep you turning  the pages to  unlock  the  secrets  hidden in  the narrative.  The shame of the Holocaust haunts this coming-of-age  tale  about two brothers who have immigrated  to  America, along with their  secretive mother, and the  mysteries  that  surround their  German  heritage  and  a massive  carved  bed.  Joyce  Faulkner  is a  master  at  writing  novels  peopled  with characters  that  feel  as real  as your neighbors and friends and plots that  are tightly  woven with important  themes and history.  While  most of the novel takes place in a quaint town named Cold Creek, Ohio, between  1949 and 1970, chilling  scenes abound in a story that  could happen again  if we aren’t careful. My heart raced and the tears flowed the closer I got to the end.
~ Kathleen M. Rodgers, author of  The Final Salute,  Johnnie Come Lately, and Seven Wings to Glory
Tightly  plotted,  emotionally  intense,  with  complex  characters  and  more upending  twists than  an  M.C. Esher drawing,  Vala’s Bed  is a gut-punch  that gives  a  horrifying  new  definition  to  the  term  “family  values.”  With  Vala’s Bed,  author Joyce Faulkner has delivered a emotionally-charged triumph.
~ Dwight Jon Zimmerman, #1 New  York  Times bestselling author
I do hope you guys can join us. Feel free to bring friends. There will be light refreshments.  The venue is large.

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