Pat McGrath Avery

  • Border Wars
  • Famous Dogs
  • Famous Dogs Too
  • Grand Slam Groomer Dogs
  • Fifteen Dogs and a Cat Speak Out
  • Emergence: The John Bax Story
  • Murder Takes a Ride
  • Murder is for the Birds
  • Murder Takes No Prisoners
  • Consequence
  • Role Call: Women’s Voices (with Joyce Faulkner)
  • Sharon Rogers Band
  • Sunchon Tunnel Massacre Survivors (with Joyce Faulkner)
  • They Came Home

Gloria Bates

  • Sassafras: The Green Persian Cat

Eddie Beesley

  • Lucky Enough

Karen Biery

  • believe
  • pieces
  • chattels
  • speakeasy
  • of Home

Joe Campolo, Jr

  • The Kansas NCO
  • Back to the World

Anissa Clay

  • The God Conception

Janie DeVos

  • The Shopkeeper’s Bear
  • The Path Winds Home
  • How High Can You Fly?

Rebecca Evans

  • Someday I’ll Fly
  • The Shopkeeper’s Bear

Joyce Faulkner

  • Vala’s Bed (2017)
  • Fun Days in Kansas City (with Pat McGrath Avery)
  • Fun Days in Pittsburgh (with Pat McGrath Avery)
  • Fun Days in South Padre Island (with Pat McGrath Avery)
  • Paragraphs (with David Harry, Bob Doerr, and Pat McGrath Avery)
  • Role Call: Women’s Voices (with Pat McGrath Avery)
  • Chance and other horrors…
  • For Shrieking Out Loud
  • Windshift
  • Sunchon Tunnel Massacre Survivors (with Pat McGrath Avery)
  • In the Shadow of Suribachi
  • Losing Patience

JoAnn Forrester

  • The Gift of Holiday Valley

Evelyn Harless

  • Pip Squeek: The Half-Size Jeep

Steve Hathcock

  • Behind the Third Dune

Katherine Heart

  • Grantepreneur(TM)

Jan Hunter

Ric Hunter

  • Firehammer

John Barry Kelly

  • Hammer of Justice

JB King

  • The Tilley Treasure
  • Justice

Vanessa Maholovich

  • Train Ride to Heaven

Tom McGraham

  • The Road to Iwo Jima

Military Writers Society of America Anthologies

  • The Faded Flag
  • Silent Battlefields
  • Our Voices
  • All Gave Some
  • Hope and Courage

Michael Mullins

  • The Drifter

Joanne Quinn-Smith

  • Folly of Marketing Plan in Your Head

Leo Rosenburger

  • Condo Mania

RL Roush

  • The Eagle’s Eyes

Rudy Rudolph

  • An Average American Combat Soldier

Dale Seawright

  • Have Poem will Travel

Ricardo Lazaro Serrano

  • Scarlet Verse

Feather Foster Schwartz

  • T: An Auto-Biography

Carmen Stenholm

  • Crack Between the Worlds

David Harry Tannenbaum

  • Out of the Depths
  • Standard Deviation

Billy Templeton

  • Manila Bay Sunset (Currently Unavailable)

Anna Marie Aloe Testa

  • Italian Gone Wild and Gluten Free

Beth Underwood

  • Gravity

Van Vanawalker

  • In the Blink of an Eye (Currently Unavailable)

Dylan Weiss

  • Sebastian’s Tale: A Skunk Tales Trilogy Book